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House of Pela – A Family Affair 2

Afrobeta Bodega proudly presents:

House of Pela – A Family Affair 2

Sunday, July 27th 2014
Club Naga : 450 Mass Ave. – Cambridge, MA
5pm – 10pm | 19+ w/ valid ID | Admission: $5 Guest List / $10 Door

House of Pela returns with resident selectors
Max Pela & Jorge Serra (Afrobeta Bodega / House of Pela)

Featuring Special Guests:
David Castellano (Deep Spirit – Spain)
Leo Alarcon (Home – Boston)
Dj Mystina & Dj Dende (T.C.C. / Utopia – Boston)

Projections & Visuals by Jay Medina (Afrobeta Bodega / JMVJ)

The hottest Sunday afternoon event in town returns with the second installment of A Family Affair, with special guests David Castellanos,Leo Alarcon, Dj Mystina & Dj Dende. Performing alongside them as always are your resident selectors Max Pela and Jorge Serra (Afrobeta Bodega / House of Pela).

A Family Affair is a celebration of our family of local DJ’s/Producers/Live Performance Artists that give so much to the house community. This event takes place every 6 months, and features talent from all over New England.

David Castellano was born on June 14,1978 in a small fishing cove of Cho vito in Caletillas (Tenerife – Canary Island). The son of fisherman parents and the younger of two brothers. Always in harmony with and respecting the history of the musical art he loves, David gives the ultimate credit to the history and values that originated in north New Jersey (USA). He’s played in the best clubs and festivals internationally in Tenerife and differents parts of Spain such as Madrid and Cadiz. He has also performed in New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, and Miami. He has shared the stage with such artists as: Giles Peterson, Antonio Ocasio, Stan Zeff, Jihad Muhammad, DJ Beloved, and Oscar P.

Leo’s love for music is felt on the dance floor, through his music selection, as well as through his music production style and flavor. His passion for music was seeded at a very young age through his upbringing in Ecuador, his young parent’s love for disco music and his beloved grandmother’s musical teachings.

Born in Ecuador where the love of music, food and people are integral to the cultural sustenance, Leo grew up breathing and living music. Music was always heard and felt through the home. In the mid 80’s he and his sister moved to Boston, MA where their world was upside down and life changed drastically. With the influence of childhood friends Leo took refuge in music, nurturing his spirit with 80s and 90s hip hop and rap music, soon to discover house music. His love for and involvement with music evolved from listening to mixing and in the late 80s he started DJing in his bedroom. In his late teens while working at a local hot spot “The Loft 21” he felt the energy and impact of house music on a club full of “headz” vibing and dancing with hands up in the air! Loft 21 Resident DJ Bruno invited Leo to open up for him one night… and Leo fell in LOVE! Since then Leo has become part of Boston House Music Coalition and has also DJ’ed at various gigs like Boston’s Utopia Sunday’s, Art & Soul, Release, Unity and H.O.M.E. Leo is currently working on music production with various Boston upcoming artists, Including Liza Zayas aka Luna del Flor – writer/Performer “Dear Mine”. Leo’s life passion is to create and to share his love for house music and it’s community.

To be in love is everything: Soul, Music, Dance, Family, Union. DJs Dende & Mystina, The Couples’ Couple, are the embodied treasured gem of these five vivid realities. Together, they share their bonded words: House Music is a Giver of Life and a part of who they are. Dende & Mystina debuted as solo DJs, playing parties in Lowell, Boston and Cambridge. Fated, they played as a Force of One duo at H.O.M.E., a DJ Bruno and Boston Househeads Production. This guest set changed everything. DJ Dende & DJ Mystina decided to become DJs Dende & Mystina, a tag-team duo who will bring to the table their support for each other, their shared love for house music and their goals to play the hottest music while aiming to throw the party into a dance frenzy, as they do! “Our promise is to always play from our hearts.” This is T.C.C.!

House of Pela is dedicated to bringing you the finest in House Music entertainment, while gathering together like minded individuals who share our passion. We incorporate the feeling of a club night with an afternoon of cultural diversity and art. Each month we will be featuring a special guest DJ, which will add a slightly different musical flavor to all of our events.

We thank you in advance for your love and support.

Fashion is appreciated so dress smart.

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