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The Afrobeta Bodega Radio Presents: 2 Deep (Mixed By Hyper)

Here we go as we bring you one of the hotest dj’s of the Dominican Republic in this show…. Enjoy.

Emmanuel Velez was born in Santo Domingo, D.R., on August 25th 1980. At a very early age he gains interest in sounds of bands of the 80’s such as Depeche Mode and the Pet Shop Boys, this two in particular gave Hyper an understanding of the different sounds that weren’t normally heard back then.

It wasn’t until the early 90’s that Electronic Music became familiar in his country. He started collecting his first CDs of this genre, ever since then, this connection has merged and it’s become a part of his every day living.

In 1998 he sets off to Portugal, in search of acknowledging new beats and skills that he will later use to develop his own style of music. “It was a great trip, I learned a lot about the different culture and the variety of music, they have great DJs and a lot of talent and I hope I can bring some of this back to my country. “Quoted Hyper on his voyage to Portugal.

In 1999 he arrives in his native country, having already discovered for himself the real culture of a DJ, but later that year Hyper also gets his hands on his first turntables, and introduces himself as a local DJ, ever since then Hyper has maintained himself as one of the top DJs in Santo Domingo sharing booths with Djs like: Satoshi Tomiie, Danny Tenaglia, John Selway, David Alvarado,Martini Bros,Magda, Saaed and Palash, Guy Gerber, Chus & Ceballos, Seb Fontaine,Steve Bug, Tony Thomas, Sean Miller, Hed Kandi, Robbie Rivera, Trendroids, Wilson Santos, Oscar de Rivera, Richie Santana, Luca Riici, John Aquiaviva, Di Paul, DJ Stryke, Miguel Migs, DJ Maus, Mike Shanon, among others…

At the moment Hyper finds himself working on his latest production with the help of local producers to bring original music and continue to expand his name around the globe.

1- Strut (Original Mix) – Echologist
2- Bloom Doudouk (Original Mix) – Laoiraude
3- Nice & Slow (Original Mix) – Jesse Rose & Jamie Anderson
4- Listen To The Drums (Dixon Edit) – Outlines
5- Metaphysical Vibe (Original Mix) R.T.A.
6- Get Downz (Henrik Schwarz Remix) – Switch
7- Land Among The Starras (Original Mix) – Res Solo
8- Late Bloomers (Original Mix) – Guy Gerber
9- Welcome To Zion (Original Mix) – King Roc
10- Mbira (Original Mix) – Will Saul