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Soul Teknology -meets- House of Pela

Your Monthly Soulful Dance Movement

Saturday, April 19th 2014
The Cutting Room @ The Salon ::  57 Eddy Street (directly behind city hall) – Providence, RI
10pm – 2am  |  21+ w/ valid ID  |  Admission: FREE

This month we have special guest:
Max Pela (Afrobeta Bodega / House of Pela – Boston / Santo Domingo)

with resident DJs:
DubLN / MikeDelick / Yummy
Time again to join as kindred spirits in celebration of

This is OUR celebration! A place where we can be free to DANCE :::: RELEASE :::: OPEN ::::: MOVE :::::: LOVE

We CANT WAIT to get into it again! We capped off our 2 year anniversary last month and just want to say
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has came and supported us, came and joined us over the past 2 years. It’s not possible to keep this breed of soulful, spiritual, and positive dance music alive without YOU!  Now we’re ready to jump into out 3rd year!

Max’s Bio:

Max Pela is “a DJ’s DJ”. He shows up with a smile, selects the first track, then sculpts every facet of the
sonic environment to his precise vision, until the last sound wave emanates from the speakers hours later.
His music is Deep Afro, Soulful, Tech and intense; graying boundaries between genres. Constantly seeking
variety [in uncommon sounds in each genre], the mixture of these genres, creativity, and the search for that specific sound. He has a fondness for new and non-conventional producers. His mixing is patient and
flawless and his personality is respected; his performance revered all over. ! !

Born in 1982 in Santo Domingo (the capital of the Dominican Republic), Latin America’s new mecca for
electronic music. His musical journey began in his childhood as a percussionist at The National Conservatory of Music in Santo Domingo. By the late 90’s he began to DJ, and in 2000 he became the resident DJ of Ocho Puertas in Santo Domingo. He also traveled, performing in some of the most prestigious venues of the island. In late 2003, he left home for the United States. In 2006 he became resident to Carlos Mena’s BEMBE party in Miami and Boston, where he began to gain recognition in the United States and around the world. In December 2008, he began working with Adam Gibbons on UHURU AFRIKA, a monthly party in Boston. In 2011, he became resident DJ for ARE YOU AFRO?, a monthly party in NYC started by Gale Murphy. Currently, Max continues his journey of Afro-Rooted Rhythms in AFROBETA BODEGA, his production company, and House of Pela, a monthly party in Boston with Jorge Serra (Afrobeta Bodega) and Jay Medina (Afrobeta Bodega/JMVJ), while traveling the world and bringing his unique Afro sound. !!

Afrobeta Bodega is a multifaceted website and media entity specializing in promoting afro house music and underground culture. An international hub reaching trendsetting, multicultural urbanities and providing relevant information for early adopters and the musically forward. It is also the home of Afrobeta Bodega Radio, which features sets from carefully selected new talent, as well as live recordings from the many parties that Max performs at.! !

Max has worked with many international talents such as Ounlade, Louie Vega, Boddhi Satva, Black Coffee,
Culoe De Song, Zepherin Saint, Jose Marquez, Dj Djeff Afrozilla, Lou Gorbea, Tony Touch, Stan Zeff, Zaki
Ibrahim, Adam Gibbons, Oscar P, Josh Milan, Helen Ting, ex-Fela Drummer and co-creator of Afrobeat Tony Allen, Femi Kuti, Siji, Carlos Mena, Roberto Zayas, Djinji Brown, Nickodemus, Quantic, Mr. V, Ezel, Sabo, Manchild Black, Julius The Mad Thinker, King Britt, Santos, Wumni, Abicah Soul, Rich Medina, Fabio Genito, Master Kev, Myrto Joyce, Duce Martinez, Oveous Maximus, Brian Burnside, Stephen Rigmaiden, PolyRhythm, Dj Sabine, Saeed Younan and Hyper, among others. ! !

Max has played in numerous prestigious clubs around the world such as CIELO (NYC – USA), SULLIVAN ROOM (NYC – USA), THE VAGABOND (Miami – USA), LA SANTANERA (Playa del Carmen – MEXICO), OCEANS TEN (Miami – USA), OCHO PUERTAS (Santo Domingo – D.R.), GAIA (Las Terrenas – D.R.), BLANCE (Lamia – GREECE), NAGA (Boston – USA), HEAVEN (Athens – GREECE), SOBE LIVE (Miami USA), ABACUS (Santo Domingo D.R.) among others.!