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Paso Doble – Session for Afrobeta Bodega

This week Afrobeta Bodega Radio is proud to have Paso Doble a North African DJ from Algeria. Lover of the Afro deep house since 8 years. At sixteen years Old, his story begins in 2002 in Spain, where he got his first gig, than he moved to Montreal (Canada) where he’s one of the few Dj’s representing the Afro House music there, living his passion body and soul. Paso Doble mix big hits of famous DJ all over the world mainly Max Pela, Boddhi Satva, Mzee and Mister Little Louie Vega.

Paso Doble – Session for Afrobeta Bodega

01) Bah samba ft. Joseph Philogene – Em Bo La (Shake The Dog Raw Flute Mix)
02) Mzee ft Oluhle – Zvinosiririsa (Fabrizio Ortella remix)
03) Qness ft Oluhle – Fugama Unamathe (Mzee Bomba Remix)
04) Hillya – I Know (Main Mix)
05) Marim – Rio Pinturas House (incl Afro Melodic Remix)
06) Qness Feat. Malehloka – Uzongilinda (Original Mix)
07) Fabio Genito – Ayahuasca (Organic Mix)
08) Jersey Maestros ft. Renee Smith – Shine on (Muthafunkaz Remix)
09) Anané – Let’s Get High Life Love Music (Louie Vega Guitar Mix)
10) Ralf Gum feat Kafele – Complicated (Original Mix)