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Mzee – Session for Afrobeta Bodega

This week we bring u none other than South Africa’s own Producer/Dj Mzee a veteran of the deep afro house scene in Africa bringing some of that heat to the mix. Mzee has come out with some of the most played tracks from this year starting with Mahuwelele, Umoja on Ocha Records and Ancestral Calling Ep. on Nulu Records. His talent has attracted a large number of internationally renowned Dj’s such as Boddhi Satva, Carlos Mena, Little Louie Vega and yours truly Max Pela. Buckle your seatbelt and be ready to take off with this incredible set and his introduction to Afrobeta Bodega Radio.

1. Femi Kuti – You better ask yourself (Jose Marquez Remix)
2. Mzee ft Kampi Moto – Umoja (Culoe De Song Remix)
3. Mr. Raoul K – Le Cercle Peul
4. Mzee ft Oluhle – Zvinosiririsa
5. Revolution – Lekepe
6. Geoffrey Oryema – Piri Wango Iya (Boddhi Satva Ancetral Soul Remix)
7. Busi Mhlongo – Webaba (Black Coffee Remix)
8. Culoe De Song – Nature Dubbing
9. Zungane – Zungane
10. Mzee ft Malatji – The Ancestral Calling (Jaso Mako Bomba Remix)
11. Mzee ft Kampi Moto – Umoja (Aero Manyelo Remix)
12. Mzee – Tribal Dance