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Max Pela – LIVE at Babalú 9


Welcome to the 3rd installment of 2024 with LIVE at Babalú 9 mixed by our very own Max Pela. This captivating performance was recorded LIVE at Upside Down in Osaka, Japan. Babalú has established itself as the ultimate destination for AFRO HOUSE music in Kansai, and with each event, the experience keeps getting bigger and better.

MAX PELA, our very own maestro and resident DJ, whose magnetic presence has firmly established him as one of the leading ambassadors of AFRO HOUSE music, not just in Japan but across the globe. Through his unwavering dedication, Max continues to propagate the rich tapestry of Afro-Rooted Rhythms—an enchanting cultural experience that he flawlessly curates through his extraordinary events at BABALÚ, mesmerizing DJ performances, captivating radio podcasts, and the groundbreaking live events produced by his renowned production company, AFROBETA BODEGA. As he traverses the world, Max spreads his unique sound, leaving audiences in awe at every turn.