Afrobeta Bodega Radio/Featured /Marcus Dux – ABRS 0004


Marcus Dux – ABRS 0004

This week afrobeta bodega returns with some serious heat all the way from Lamia, Greece by way of Antonis Banousis aka Marcus Dux the man behind the web radio called “RitmoRadio”.

01.  Mush Ft. Whispa & Melo – Touch (Main Mix)
02.  Nkokhi & Naakmusiq – You Came Along
03.  Toma Sidibι – N’jarabi (D’oke edit)
04.  Kquesol Ft. Shatti – Make Love To The Music (Kquesol’s Tribal Mix)
05.  Demented Soul – A Mile Further
06.  Whitney Houston – Thinking About You (Nikos Diamantopoulos Promo Use Mix)
07.  Da Reff Ft. Neonrific – Black Felon (Da Reffs Afri-Sessions Mix)
08.  Veja Vee Khali – Missing You (Distant Mix)
09.  The Doors – Soul Kitchen (D’oke edit)
10.  Silent Monkz – Diffusion Lines (The Stratosrituals Sounds 1st Version)
11.  Bee Bar – African Samba (Original Mix)
12.  TPS – Zulu (Tribal Soul Mix)
13.  Dj Sky – Soka Lami (Marcus Dux edit)