Afrobeta Bodega Radio/Podcast /Jason Cheiron Session for Afrobeta Bodega


Jason Cheiron Session for Afrobeta Bodega

This month Afrobeta Bodega Radio brings you some heat all the way from The Netherlands by none other than our brother from another mother Jason Cheiron.

01. Invaders Of Afrika – Walk The Dance (Original Mix)
02. Tebza M’remb’l – Y.O.U.
03. Boddhi Satva – Ga I goue (Djeff & Silyvi Remix)
04. Jason Cheiron – Fury Of The Fallen
05. Babatunde Olatunji – Jingoloba (Eddhi Afro Mind Remix)
06. Jason Cheiron – Equilibrium (Version 2)
07. Dazzle Drums – Rise (Monkey Mountain Mix)
08. Jason Cheiron – Minimal Orbit
09. DJ Jesus – Yes Come On (Main Mix)
10. Rancido – Momentum (Drum Tool)
11. Polyrhythm – Afrocuba (Original Mix)
12. Andrea Oliva – Piano Piano
13. Diephuis – Between Time And Space (Jason Cheiron Remix)