Afrobeta Bodega Radio/Featured /Helen Ting – ABRS 0012


Helen Ting – ABRS 0012

Afrobeta Bodega Radio returns with a very special mix by our sister Helen Ting (Kazakuta Records – Hong Kong).

If music is an expression of the soul, then Helen Ting (Kazukuta Records – Hong Kong) is an expression of music. Her siren sounds and sexy persona have consistently hypnotized crowds all across the world. Any musical traveller who comes to Hong Kong will find themselves drawn to Helen’s signature blend of deep, soulful, afro-house. She performs as the resident DJ for HK’s top tiered venues: Dragon-I, Mandarin Landmark’s Mo Bar, and Ritz Carlton’s Ozone (the highest bar in the world).

Literally standing in the upper echelon of Hong Kong’s musical hierarchy, Helen has now found herself broadening her horizons with performances in New York, San Diego, Miami (Winter Music Conference 2012/2013) and Mexico (Mi Casa Es Su Casa Music Festival 2012/2013). She is constantly finding herself behind the decks for international VIP gigs held by global brands such as Nokia, Jimmy Choo, and Audemars Piguet.