Afrobeta Bodega Radio/BABALÚ White Party

BABALÚ White Party


Time: October 02, 2022 16:00-21:00
Location: Casablanca Beach Resort - 〒662-0933 兵庫県西宮市西波止町1-2 西宮ビーチリゾート COMPASS2階
Organized By: Max Pela & Afrobeta Bodega
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About Tour

(EN after JP)
Casablanca ビーチリゾート・西宮
スタート 16:00〜21:00|料金:500円

スペシャル・エクステンデッド・セット by:
Max Pela (Babalú / Afrobeta Bodega)


2022年10月2日(日)、私たちは再び集まり、互いのコミットメントとグルーヴを再確認する機会に恵まれています。ナイトライフの中心的な場所によって疎外されがちな、同じ志を持つ人々が集うにふさわしい場所を与えられたときに起こる、スピリチュアルでエネルギーに満ちた魔法を称えるために… コミュニティーを作り、人生と愛と音楽と互いを祝福するために。


BABALÚホワイトパーティーの模様は、Afrobeta Bodega Radioで近日中に公開予定です。ストリーミング/ダウンロードのリンクは近日公開予定です。


BABALÚ White Party
Sunday, October 2nd 2022
Casablanca Beach Resort – Nishinomiya
Start: 16:00 – 21:00 | Fee: 500¥

With a Special Extended Set by:
Max Pela (Babalú / Afrobeta Bodega)

Once again, I want to thank all the beautiful souls that came out to party at our last gathering. Each time more and more people are coming to share their energy and positive vibes. Special thanks to Casablanca Nishinomiya and its staff for giving us a space to gather and dance to the hottest in Afro House music for our sunset ritual.

We are blessed for the opportunity to gather once again to reconvene and re-affirm our commitment to one another and to the groove on Sunday, October 2nd 2022. To honor the spiritual and energetic magic that happens when like-minded individuals that are typically disenfranchised by the mainstay nightlife venues are given their deserved space to come together… to commune, to create community and celebrate life, love, music and one another.

Come wearing your Sundays best and ready to have some fun!

Also, stay tuned for the LIVE recording from BABALÚ White Party to be up soon on Afrobeta Bodega Radio. Streaming / Download links coming soon !!

Stay tuned for more details soon!!

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