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Doktor Tek Session – El Barrio


Doktor Tek – El barrio

This week Doktor Tek takes over the one’s and two’s to bring us a Deep Tech extravaganza for our listening pleasure from the Dominican Republic by way of New York City and our speakers Doktor Tek takes part with Daily Basics in NYC and is part of Visionario in D.R. Take a seat buckle your seatbelt and be ready to take off on a amazing vibe with this set and his introduction to Afrobeta Bodega Radio.


02. Io – Jeton
03. Io – Martin
04. ???
05. Hernandez – Goald Coast
06. Super Flu – Shine
07. Gamal Kabar – The Fith (3 Channels Rmx)
08. Dop – Mambo Jumbo (Guy Gerber Rmx)
09. Tiger Stripes – Hooked (Guy Garber Rmx)
10. Guy Gerber – Toppage Time (Reshuffle Rmx)
11. Dop – Mambo Jumbo (Gerber’s Hemlock Mix)
12. Reboot – Unrelest