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Dj Ageishi – LIVE at Babalú 9

Welcome to the 1st installment of 2024 with LIVE at Babalú 9 mixed by Dj Ageishi. This captivating performance was recorded LIVE at Upside Down in Osaka, Japan. Babalú has established itself as the ultimate destination for AFRO HOUSE music in Kansai, and with each event, the experience keeps getting bigger and better.

DJ AGEISHI embarked on his musical journey in ’73 at MUGEN in Akasaka, Tokyo. Over an impressive decade at Akasaka BYBLOS starting in ’75, he commanded the decks with soul, rock, disco, and more. ’87 marked the genesis of his distinctive style at JAVA JIVE in Roppongi, seamlessly blending reggae, afro-latin, ska, and world music.

In ’89, he secured a residency at the groundbreaking Shibuya club, CAVE. Throughout the early ’90s, he solidified his reputation as a club DJ with exceptional performances. In the late ’90s, he relocated to Osaka, curating original mix CDs for PEACE CAFE. By 2001, he initiated regular parties at WORLD (Kyoto).

In 2007, he unleashed the groundbreaking mix CD “BUD:01” and commemorated his 34th DJ anniversary with a legendary 34-hour set at Montage (Osaka). In 2011, he collaborated on the “Rain Parade” 12-inch. This year celebrates his 50th DJ anniversary, reaffirming his status as a living legend in the art of DJing.