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Are You Afro? @ Saints & Sinners – NYC

Are You Afro?
Friday, May 17th, 2013
Saints & Sinners || 10 East 39th Street (Between 5th and Madison), NYC
$10 (all night long)  |  10PM- 4am  |  21+

Facebook Event Page  ||  Resident Advisor Event Page

The Orchestra:
Special Guest:  Mark Francis
w/ residents selectors: Max Pela & Myrto Joyce

If I may:
If the world looked and acted the same, and you wanted to follow the crowd and be like everyone else.
you probably wouldn’t support or attend an Are You Afro? event.

Instead, you’re probably head over to a RAP party (not hip-hop big difference) or head over to a soulful house event with vocals blaring in your ears, or you would go check out a LEGEND behind the decks. We get it– its familiar therefore it is comfortable. #RESPECT

But in case, you haven’t noticed, the world doesn’t look or act the same.

So if you want to be a part of something different or go somewhere that you can be free to BE DIFFERENT…No Judgments… or if you want to JUST LISTEN TO DIFFERENT MUSIC …Music that is daring that isn’t on constant rotation because it’s poplar…or if you just wanted to stick out a little,

You know just where to go and what to do……… Ask yourself, ARE YOU AFRO? Welcome To Our World. Make Yourself At Home.
Hosted By: Gee, Jannine and Carmela Lin Lima
Event Photos: Nemrac’s Photos
Sound By: Mendez Audio