Afrobeta Bodega Radio/Podcast /Afrobeta Bodega Radio Presents: Uhuru Afrika Live October 2009


Afrobeta Bodega Radio Presents: Uhuru Afrika Live October 2009


Your Modern Day Griots:
Adam Gibbons (Uhuru Afrika / Fela Lives : Boston)
Max Pela (Uhuru Afrika / Afrobetabodega : Santo Domingo, DR)
KC Hallett AKA ‘KCiv’ (KCsGroove / Atmosphere : Boston)

With Malian Master Percussionist SIDY MAIGA

Special LIVE Performance by
WUNMI (Wunmigirl, MAW : Brooklyn by way of London & Nigeria)

On October 15th, in the Ogun state of Nigeria, a legend was born. His name would become Fela Anikulapo Kuti. He would become an adversary of the Nigerian Government, take multiple wives, declare himself President of his own Republic, Fight as a voice of the people, be thrown into prison and tortured all the while, inventing a completely new genre of music called Afrobeat by fusing traditional Yoruba rhythms with Highlife, Jazz, Funk and Soul and recording over 70 Albums in his rich life. During the month of his birth, we celebrate the man, his legacy and his music.

FELA LIVES! is a multi-sensory traveling tribute to the Black President, Born from the desire to keep advancing his message and music and honoring his musical innovation, social consciousness and revolutionary activism. We will be experiencing his music, music he has inspired, moving images of his life and give thanks and offering to him at the traveling and growing shrine. With DJs accompanied by live Afro Percussionists we seek to connect with Fela’s Spirit and call him to celebrate with us.