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Afrobeta Bodega – DEC 2008


This week Afrobeta Bodega brings you the very first Uhuru Afrika Live from December 2008 our first live recording from a year ago which was never broadcasted or released as we kept in hidden in our vaults and makes this an very special gift to all that have taken part on this event this year.  I want to personally thank Adam Gibbons for starting this amazing event here in boston and the whole Uhuru Afrika Family and for having me on board from the beginning brother it has been a very magical journey together.

Uhuru Afrika with your Modern Day Griots:
MAX PELA (Afrobeta Bodega / Uhuru Afrika)
ADAM GIBBONS (Uhuru Afrika / Fela Lives)
SIDY MAIGA : Malian Master Percussionist

with special guest:
DJ SABINE (Oya Sound / Brooklyn Mecca / Rhythm & Roots)